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Our Space

Opening up to a person you've just met about things you may not have told anyone else can be intimidating and sometimes a little uncomfortable.  We understand that, and our offices are designed to make you feel as much at ease as possible.  Our clients often remark on walking into one of our therapy rooms for the first time that they are surprised at how serene the space is and how much more comfortable they feel.  We use soft, ambient lighting rather than the typical overhead office lights, and we aim for this to feel like a space where you can feel calm and safe to explore the difficult thoughts and feelings that may be bringing you to therapy in the first place.  Some of our offices allow for essential oils to be used (if you are interested in them), while we try to keep other offices as scent-free as possible for people with sensitivities.  We are always happy to work with you to make the space as comfortable as we can for you. 

Your Privacy

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Our fees are consistent with the guidelines set out by the Ontario Psychological Association (OPA). However, since we have a variety of therapists with different levels of training, we offer a range of fee options for clients.  All associates are either registered with the College of Psychologists of Ontario or are under the supervision of a registered psychologist so their fees are covered by most insurance plans.


Payment is due at the end of each session, and you will be issued a receipt that you may submit for insurance or income tax purposes.


Please note, payment can be made by Visa, MasterCard, cash, cheque, or email transfer.


Insurance Coverage:


Psychological services are not covered by OHIP.  However, they are often fully or partially covered by extended health insurance plans.  Please check your particular plan to determine your coverage, as insurance plans vary significantly.


How long does treatment last?


It is obviously difficult to determine the length of treatment without an initial assessment.  However, the majority of our patients experience substantial improvement in their symptoms within three or four sessions, particularly when they are struggling with anxiety or depression issues.

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